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Contest - Alter.Everything on the Road to Inspire

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Join the Alter.Nation and share how Alteryx alters your life and work! Submit your life-altering analytics story for a chance to win your spot on the Road to Inspire video series, a free pass to the Inspire 2018 conference where you will be featured on the main stage, and other fabulous prizes.


How does Alteryx alter YOUR life?Badge_road-to-inspire.png


Participating is easy! All you have to do is address the following in your submission:

  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 
  2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.  


Pro-tip: Increase your chances to win! Surprise & Delight our sights, sounds, and emotions!

How to submit:


You can either reply here on the Inspire Buzz - OR - Use the hashtag #AlterNation & #Alteryx18 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to submit your entry. Make sure to mention @Alteryx.


In order to qualify you must include either a video OR photo(s) along with a written response.


UPDATE | EXTENDED DEADLINE! The contest will run from February 14th until March 30th, 2018.



  • A special badge for anyone who puts themselves out there by entering the contest.
  • SWAG Bags for the top 10 entries across all submissions.
  • Grand Prize winners will be featured in an upcoming episode of Road to Inspire and receive a complimentary pass to Inspire Anaheim or London 2018 (will select up to 5 winners)
  • NEW! -- Top three grand prize winners get a little something extra 😉

When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.

Entries will be judged by a qualified panel of Alteryx judges who will evaluate each entry based on the following criteria:STARTS-LIKES.png

  • 50% creativity
  • 50% votes, likes or stars from your peers via Community and Social channels 


Check out the official rules here.

5/16/2018 -- UPDATE


Tune in to the ROAD TO INSPIRE video series, featuring our top three grand prize winners!


  1. Road to Inspire | Episode One
  2. Episode 2, coming soon...
  3. Episode 3, coming soon...
12 - Quasar

How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work?

  Work that took hours/days now takes seconds/minutes
  Frustrating, boring and repetitive became fun and repeatable!
  Makes it easier to get new insights from existing data
  I'm always finding new ways to use the tools in different ways

What do I do to fulfill my passions outside of work?

  New grandpa so lots of baby sitting.
  I play golf - badly.
 Getting more involved in the Alteryx community.


Here's a major reason why I do it





12 - Quasar

How does Alteryx allow me to kick  it at work? 

  • I can pull  many different types of data and create tools to give employees insights into their own business processes.
  • Take problems that would be difficult to write for and would run slow in  a website, push the logic into an app on  Gallery, then call the API and present the results in a web browser.

What are my passions outside of work?

  • Well, go look at the picture below the video.    Right now it just being a husband and dad.  Day trips, some hiking, but a lot of time at home.



Halloween 2017Halloween 2017

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

Hi, Leah!  Thank you for helping to host the contest!  Here are my answers:


How does Alteryx allow you to kick a** at work?


Alteryx has been my game-changer, analyst, and life-saver!  I started using it in 2005, back when it was SRC, utilizing the Allocate product.  As a GIS Professional, I fell in love with Allocate; one of the few tools at the time that actually allocated underlying block centroids properly within a trade area.  Moving forward in my GIS career, I brought Alteryx with me to other corporations, saying, “Have you seen Alteryx?  This is really cool!”.  As a Market Planning and GIS Manager, pretty soon I had transferred most of my basic GIS functions into Alteryx:  Geocoding, Drive Time Trade Areas, Grid Generation, etc., as well as heavy analytics in Demographic and Segmentation Analyses, and performing Site Selection for a retail company on a fast growth path.  Alteryx was (and is) blazing fast, and I could accomplish more and more, using Analytics Apps and Automation; it took me way above and beyond what I was previously capable of.  Alteryx then enabled me to realize a dream and become a sought-after consultant in the BI Industry, specializing in Alteryx, GIS and spatial analytics.  I use Alteryx for almost everything I do, and I can help companies in a wide variety of industries, providing solutions that make their lives easier.  Now I not only consult with a fantastic company, but also help to lead the Alteryx charge at work by creating webinars, providing training, being on the leadership team of the local user group (with over 200 members!), and especially leading a user group volunteer team for Alteryx For Good!


Show us what you do to fulfill your passions outside of work:


My main passions are my family, faith, and all the volunteer work I can possibly do!  My daughters and I have been a single-parent family for 16 years, and we are very close.  They are two of the main reasons for my smile and my dedication to making the World a better place for so many.  Volunteering with Alteryx For Good has changed my life for the better; I have found a way to use my talents to improve life for others, in a highly efficient manner – working with non-profit organizations like The Commit! Partnership enables our user group volunteers to have an immediate and positive impact for thousands of students, improving our community – and as those students reach their higher potential through better education, then graduate and go out into the world, they in turn make it a better place as well.  I am always searching for ways to efficiently do good; it is why I joined the Rotary Club and serve on their Membership Committee, why I volunteer for Arts organizations like the Dallas Opera, why I am helping to bring Alteryx For Good to universities, as well as assisting volunteers in other cities to start their own Alteryx For Good projects.  With Alteryx, we can all be that “drop in the water” that creates ripples of good throughout our world.  It is a privilege to be a part of it!




Photo taken on the flight to Alteryx Inspire 2017 with friends (and current coworkers) Jonathan Agee (right) and Jonathan Walder (left) of Teknion!Photo taken on the flight to Alteryx Inspire 2017 with friends (and current coworkers) Jonathan Agee (right) and Jonathan Walder (left) of Teknion!

 Marie at The Commit! Partnership, showing how awesome Alteryx is!Marie at The Commit! Partnership, showing how awesome Alteryx is!

@Commit , @jagee  :) 

12 - Quasar
12 - Quasar

1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 


Isn't that the reason that's why Alteryx was built? If not why would become a tool that leads the Gartner's Magic Quadrant?


Coming to the point, Alteryx gives me an ability to drive the business objectives in a faster and efficient way as compared to any other tool or software out there. Alteryx has helped me to get rid of mundane tasks and focus on tasks that are valuable and can help achieve the business objectives.


Alteryx helps me to play around with the data and perform some analytics and identify patterns. These are just a few but Alteryx is a tool that gives us an opportunity to work on the day to day data-related challenges in the more efficient way.


2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work. 


Imagine the feeling when:

  • Using Alteryx you were able to significantly impact the lives of underprivileged kids with AIDS to:
    • Better manage their health records
    • Better track and report educational progress
    • Get trained on different tools or skills that can help them build their career

Or Imagine

  • Using Alteryx you were able to significantly impact charity organizations by:
    • Providing better access to education to underprivileged kids
    • Providing better and timely meals to hundreds and thousands of kids
    • Providing world-class training on skill sets that can secure kids future


Well, this is exactly the feeling that I am passionate about and hence Mark, Sean, I along with an amazing team of volunteers are launching - Alteryx For Good in India this weekend. (Blog Link) What a great opportunity to meet and talk to charity organizations and talk about how can Alteryx/Data help them make better decisions and tell better stories. This also has given an opportunity to understand the challenges these organizations go through.


This is not a onetime activity but we will remain committed to supporting charity organization to create an impact.


This is how I use or follow Alteryx outside work! I am looking forward to the launch event and many more such volunteer engagements with Alteryx. At the end of the day, I feel proud of the fact that I get to work on Alteryx to create broader impact in this world.


Small steps towards making the world a better place!


#AlterNation & #Alteryx1

WhatsApp Image 2018-03-12 at 6.29.17 PM (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-03-12 at 6.29.04 PM (1).jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-03-12 at 6.29.08 PM (2).jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-03-12 at 6.29.08 PM (1).jpegIMG_0791.JPGIMG_0802.JPG

Yugandhar Muley (Yug)

Alteryx ACE | Alteryx For Good India Lead | Bengaluru Alteryx User Group Lead
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

So - the truth is that I have a busy life.   What with all the climbing and sleeping & networking with other cats & stuff.


20180315_235527.jpg      This is owen.   He thinks he's in chargeThis is owen. He thinks he's in charge     PoppyAtRest.jpg


The whole family uses Alteryx - even Cricket - that's how easy it is to use


This is Cricket, hard at workThis is Cricket, hard at work

So - with @MarqueeCrew staying with us for a few days - I wanted to see if I can find a sneaky way to get to Inspire 2018 (not sure if my Human will take me, so have to get there using covert means)


Step 1Step 1   One more leg to goOne more leg to go   How do I get comfortable in here?How do I get comfortable in here?     there we go...there we go...


And finally - success.   Phew - may need a rest after all that!


Success!Success!         Packed and readyPacked and ready

Thanks @MarqueeCrew for visiting us here in India - and letting us pack for the event.   Super-excited about Inspire, and ready to go!



Poppy (with guest appearances from Cricket; Owen and Mark's backpack & license plate)


11 - Bolide
  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 

I Started using Alteryx in January of 2018 and have no idea how I would accomplish the work I have to do without it! Alteryx had made me a better/more enthusiastic Business Analyst.  I go to work excited about how much more I can learn today, It's changed the way I think about my job completely.  Nothing can bring me down-because alteryx has my back..i could go on for hours with a smile on my face talking about it...Bring on those disparate data sources #igotya #noproblem #inlovewithalteryx #notnormal




  1. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work. 

I'm a gamer(Xbox) , always have, always will be, currently I get to spend a bunch of late nights choppin'* in COD with a fun group of people I met recently(because of Alteryx-Thanks Tony ;) )

I have the time and the want (almost a need) to continuously learn more about Alteryx (so my free time is spent knocking out my "learning all the things" list from the community, painting my basement bar, hanging out with my two fur babies, and anything I darn well please!


I can't wait to meet some of you at Inspire 2018-it's my first Alteryx conference, and will be my first experience of California! #tooexcited #Inspire2018 


My awesome coworkers that deal with my love for Alteryx- and help me fix all my broken Workflows :)My awesome coworkers that deal with my love for Alteryx- and help me fix all my broken Workflows :)Fur Baby #1-RoscoeFur Baby #1-RoscoeFur Baby #1's baby(Theon GreyJoy)-yes we got my dog a cat friendFur Baby #1's baby(Theon GreyJoy)-yes we got my dog a cat friendthey get along sometimes :)they get along sometimes :) 



i didn't die from paint fumes-Home Reno Success!i didn't die from paint fumes-Home Reno Success! 

11 - Bolide

Mr adventure seeking @JoeM ! looks really exciting 

11 - Bolide

I really want to thank @LeahK and other alteryx staff for organising the road to inspire. It's fantastic to see so many people post how alteryx has helped them at work but more importantly how it frees up time to enable them to spend more time with family , friends and other hobbies like skydiving!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@SeanAdams I am obsessed with your orange Tabby!! His little face is too adorable.

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Alteryx, how do I love thee... let me count the ways! 


1. Alteryx allows me to kick ass at work by giving me the power to truly revolutionize someone's workday - no longer are we having to go get coffee 15 times a day while a giant spreadsheet recalculates... no longer are we forced to hunt down someone with advanced SQL skills to answer a simple data question... and no longer will we be restrained by 1,048,576 rows in Excel. RISE UP, PEOPLE OF T-MOBILE, AND GREET THE NEW, ANALYTICALLY SUPERCHARGED DAY!!... Ahem... Anyway. :)


Really though, as rewarding as it is to help people streamline their processes using such a fun, intuitive program, I am honestly stunned by all that Alteryx has done for me personally and professionally. One year ago, I had just started playing around with Weekly Challenges on the Community, with maybe a dozen or so basic workflows completed in the two years I'd been using Alteryx... Fast-forward one year, and I have a new, exciting, challenging role at a fast-paced, innovative company that basically requires me to create solutions in Alteryx all day long (okay, twist my arm...) and has opened up a whole new playground of data, analytics, and the chance to make meaningful contributions to an entire accounting department. For the first time in my career, I feel like the sky is the limit. And all of this is 100% because of the skills I gained while interacting on the Community and the connections I made while at Inspire last year. 


2. As for my passions outside of work, I like to travel, watch my daughter grow & learn new things, and I LOVE to read & write. And when I'm particularly Inspired (pun intended), I even enjoy a little poetry (borrowed from the ever-popular "These are a few of my favorite things"...):




See you in a few months in Anaheim!!