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Contest - Alter.Everything on the Road to Inspire

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Join the Alter.Nation and share how Alteryx alters your life and work! Submit your life-altering analytics story for a chance to win your spot on the Road to Inspire video series, a free pass to the Inspire 2018 conference where you will be featured on the main stage, and other fabulous prizes.


How does Alteryx alter YOUR life?Badge_road-to-inspire.png


Participating is easy! All you have to do is address the following in your submission:

  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 
  2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.  


Pro-tip: Increase your chances to win! Surprise & Delight our sights, sounds, and emotions!

How to submit:


You can either reply here on the Inspire Buzz - OR - Use the hashtag #AlterNation & #Alteryx18 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook to submit your entry. Make sure to mention @Alteryx.


In order to qualify you must include either a video OR photo(s) along with a written response.


UPDATE | EXTENDED DEADLINE! The contest will run from February 14th until March 30th, 2018.



  • A special badge for anyone who puts themselves out there by entering the contest.
  • SWAG Bags for the top 10 entries across all submissions.
  • Grand Prize winners will be featured in an upcoming episode of Road to Inspire and receive a complimentary pass to Inspire Anaheim or London 2018 (will select up to 5 winners)
  • NEW! -- Top three grand prize winners get a little something extra 😉

When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.When we say "WIN BIG," we mean it.

Entries will be judged by a qualified panel of Alteryx judges who will evaluate each entry based on the following criteria:STARTS-LIKES.png

  • 50% creativity
  • 50% votes, likes or stars from your peers via Community and Social channels 


Check out the official rules here.

5/16/2018 -- UPDATE


Tune in to the ROAD TO INSPIRE video series, featuring our top three grand prize winners!


  1. Road to Inspire | Episode One
  2. Episode 2, coming soon...
  3. Episode 3, coming soon...

1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work? 


As a software engineer at Alteryx, it's more that the users are the ones winning the races, while I'm one of the support crew tinkering on the engine to be used in future race cars. It's awesome working on the code of a product that helps others solve the interesting analytic puzzles while effortlessly eliminating repetitive busywork. Really, the community members and customer base are the ones who are kicking the rear ends, and I'm lucky that I get the opportunity to assist.


It also helps that Alteryx works pretty well as a digital logic designer, when I feel like working on a silly project: ;)


2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work. 


As much as I like being immersed in technology all day and all night, I took up social dancing to round out some of the sharper corners of my personality. Some of the challenges I find fun include non-verbal communication through posture/balance, floor navigation, and smoothness of movement. Figure all that out, and you get to learn even more trying to transfer such ideas to yet another person you haven't danced with before!



5 - Atom
When it came time to go back to work after my maternity break, I gave the evolution very little thought. To quote the singer-songwriter Rhett Miller: “This is what I do. For a living – this is what I do.” I have always found great satisfaction and passion in my career. So how could returning to it be that hard? Prior to leaving for my maternity break, I was working on developing analytical dashboards using tableau and presenting them to Senior Leadership. As much as I loved what I did, I wanted to do more of big data analysis. In line with my expectation, I got a job offer in the Network data analytics team. The role was very aligned with my interests and I started working towards my passion. I heard of this amazing data analytics tool ‘Alteryx’. So with the support of my team, I started exploring it. Within a week’s time, I was automating painful manual excel sheet processes, extracting and transforming data from multiple sources, and even started developing complex forecasting models. Alteryx changed my life as a business analyst, now I look forward to work on challenging problems every day. I`m ready for any data challenge with Alteryx by my side.  There`s no looking back now.
Outside of work- We love chasing waterfalls, exploring natural springs and take small hikes for beautiful views of the mountains. The craziest thing I did this year was diving into the crystal clear natural spring in Florida, as my son did the countdown. It was a beautiful experience and I love that I get to do this with my crazy family.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
  1. How does Alteryx allow you to kick ass at work?

I love when I'm working on something the same way I always have then thinking, can I do this in Alteryx? (Spoiler alert: the answer is almost always YES! and faster!)


     2. Show us what YOU do to fulfill your passions outside of work.

This  picture pretty much sums it up, Traveling, Spending time with my nephew, Michigan State sports, Spin class/dance party, Broadway shows and all around adventure seeking.


Ashley Hellwege
Program Manager
5 - Atom

Alteryx has changed our analytic landscape at the AFCX.

It has become the principle driver for data management, including ingestion, cleaning, validation and customised exchange within our cloud-based exchange platform. Our Alteryx server runs automated workflows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and has been built to flexibly support multiple data types and structures through the same core workflow. It has become a mechanical backbone to our infrastructure, accepting REST API inputs from several sources, undertaking validation and pushing the data to two platforms for viewing and further use.

It has changed everything we do in analytics, no longer do we monitor and check the incoming data, we have time to analyse, transform and elevate it for the purpose the platform was intended for. Thank you!

5 - Atom
Awesome 👏
5 - Atom
Nice write up Deepu
8 - Asteroid

Alteryx has really transcended my analytics to another level. Now whatever I can imagine  with the data that can be very easily formulated within the Alteryx workflow. Also to the users who are not much technically sound we can share our analytics in the form of Alteryx Gallery app. 


Alteryx is immensely contributing in my daily work and also in past helped me to successfully complete so many projects. It helped me to make mine as well as others life easier.icecand.jpg

Some people say that life is like an ice-cream enjoy it before it melts.

Few people believe that life is like a candle give light to others before it melts.

Our Journey of life is from ice-cream to candle (selfishness to selflessness).

5 - Atom

Nice Introduction! Alteryx seems like a very promising tool, would love to explore it!

5 - Atom
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you EVERYONE for participating in the contest!!!


To find out who won, tune in to our latest Top Contributors Vlog.