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Learn how GTM has reduced manual sales & use tax compliance processes by 50% with Alteryx

6 - Meteoroid

Alteryx has just profiled our corporate tax services firm, Global Tax Management, detailing how we're leveraging the platform to improve processes and tax automation offerings and better serve our clients as the business world changes. In particular, we share how we've been able to speed up the process of manipulating client data, performing reconciliations, and filing sales and use tax returns in half the time.


Check out this quick-read case study for inspiration on your own journey, and feel free to reach out with questions or ways we can help you from our own experiences.




GTM Alteryx contacts: (@rlynch1) (@mdelaney)



12 - Quasar

Awesome article! Thank you for sharing 🙂 

6 - Meteoroid

You're very welcome! If you want an even deeper behind the scenes look at how our Alteryx journey has progressed, Alteryx also featured us in a recent webinar. View it on-demand at https://pages.alteryx.com/webinar-GTM-tax-automation-on-demand.html?utm_source=gtmcommunitypost_medi...