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Student learning

5 - Atom

Hello all! I'm an accounting student at Cal State, Fullerton. Was wondering if anyone had advice on which topics to focus on.


Thank you,


17 - Castor

Hi @boylerita 


Check out the The Alteryx Academy, there are a number of different learning paths. For accounting, Alteryx for Excel users might be a good start. 

5 - Atom

Thank you @Luke_C! I will add that to my list

7 - Meteor



The best way to learn Alteryx is take a sample and try do something, think in how it begins and where do you wanna go!


The main tabs that you must know is: 

-In/Out (all)

       Focus in: Input tool

-Preparation (all) 

       Focus in: Formula, Filter, Select, Data Cleansing Multi-Row Formula and Unique

-Join (all except Fuzzy)

      Focus in: Join and Union

-Parse (DateTime and Text to columns)

-Transform (All)

      Focus in: Summarize, Transpose and Cross Tab


If you Study all of this tools, you will be a Core Alteryx user.


Hope i help you. See Ya (and like my post >:]) 

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @boylerita 


I would definitely suggest learning path https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Learning-Paths/tkb-p/learning-path


Happy learning :)


5 - Atom

Thank you for the advice!

12 - Quasar

@boylerita - Welcome to the Alteryx Community !


Here are few tips that helps you -


  1. Interactive Lessons- - Without a doubt the Alteryx interactive lessons had been an amazing plattaform to expand knowledge of what is even possible with Alteryx. I strongly recommend to check and absorb as much as possible. Interactive Lessons - Alteryx Community.


  1. Help documentations –I started learning Alteryx through documentations in the site.   Documentation | Alteryx Help


  1. Weekly challenges- They get posted up weekly, at three different difficulty levels, by members of the Alteryx community. These challenges include data preparation, analysis, spatial and much more.  Sometimes I am not be able to complete the challenge but with a quick search at someone else’s solution I will find a way. The single biggest thing to realize about Alteryx is that there is almost always more than one way of getting to a solution - what separates the beginners from the advanced users is being able to identify which one of the multiple ways suits each particular situation.

Weekly Challenge - Alteryx Community.


  1. User  Group - I am sure it will help you a lot. User Groups - Alteryx Community


  1. Tool Mastery- I have found the Tool Mastery knowledge base articles particularly useful, especially if I want to understand how and why a specific tool was used.


  1. Sample Workflows in Designer- Alteryx Designer contains a number of sample workflows to demonstrate tool functionality and use cases. We can access these directly in Designer top menu. Help > Sample workflows





  1. Discussions- And also the power of the community answering questions and posting questions...
  2. Certifications-There are three main certifications that Alteryx provides. Core, Advanced and expert. Core and advanced are free of any cost. Preparing for these exams helps a lot to enhance knowledge and upskill myself.  Certification - Alteryx Community



5 - Atom

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6 - Meteoroid

Hi and Welcome to Alteryx!!


Best way to proceed would be to study topics for the Alteryx Micro Credential and Core Certifications using the Prep Guides.

That will help you learn as well as get certified.

Check out the link for the same : https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Exam-Prep/tkb-p/exam-prep


Also, since you are from the Accounting Background, understanding the Reporting tools will be useful. This will help you to present the outputs from the processing in the formats required by you.


Hope this helps!

Please let me know in case of any concerns of questions!


- Naomi

10 - Fireball
10 - Fireball

Also check out the Industry discussion boards.  I've seen accounting and finance topics pop up there too.