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New Associate Project Thread

Community Manager
Community Manager

This thread will function as a space to share all the projects from Alteryx Associates during Bootcamp training.  It will consist of two aspects that will complement each other. Projects will be posted by a member from each team allowing community members to offer feedback, as well as vote on their favorite projects by liking those posts.




  1. Choose a representative to post on behalf of your team
  2. Share your project and any background you'd like in your post, and make sure to @mention each teammate and include files as well as links to data sources you've used (Format example below)

    Team Number | Date | Team Members
    -Project Description - Use this space to tell your story about what you wanted to accomplish with your project, what questions you asked, etc
    -Data Sources used
    -Files for your workflow

  3. Keep an eye on any responses you get, you might learn some really great stuff from the community at-large




  1. If you have time and interest, take a look at the projects submitted by the new Associates
  2. If you're impressed, like their post and give them any feedback you have, just make sure to @ mention the team members. This is a great chance to start a dialogue!


We hope that this thread will be a fun way for new Associates to get involved in the community and make some connections with all of you that are here already, and we also hope that it allows our thriving community members a chance to meet some new folks at Alteryx!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to answer.


Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead

Team Dragons | 13/08/2020 | @bensilv , @julia_mateva , @nige77 @lkoenig 

-Project Description:

We wanted to explore data related to Game of Thrones to see if any variables were statistically significant in relation to IMDB rating.

We focused on dialogue and kill count.

-Data Sources used: 

1. IMDB episode ratings (Kaggle + manual input)
2. Script breakdown (Kaggle)
3. Character deaths (washington post)


We are posting this mainly because we'd like to see how we could have done this better/correctly when it comes to the predictive analytics. There are additional data points we did not use as we were not sure how to handle them. E.g. death of character importance rating. I'm sure there are huge volumes of data online with extra variables related to episodes. 


We hope you at least enjoy the idea! 


First team to upload their Boot Camp workflow! Congrats!!


Team PawPatrol | 13/08/2020 | @Tom_Lee @MichelleP 

-Project Description:

We wanted to discern the best time to adopt a dog from animal shelters around the United States.

-Data Sources were collected from animal shelters from following cities


  1. Louisville, KY
  2. Austin, TX
  3. Sonoma, CA
  4. Los Angeles, CA


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Love this project, @RenB@Tom_Lee, and @MichelleP! Our community is chock FULL of animal lovers 🙂


cc: @BradWerner@MarqueeCrew@Nick612Haylund@LaurenU 

Tuvy Le
Manager, Community ACE Program
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19 - Altair


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Team 3 | 13/08/2020 | @travis_brown , @rschaffer , @davidmartin 

-Project Description:

    We wanted to see where shark attacks occur and be able to suggest beaches that one could avoid to decrease their risk of shark attacks.

-Data Scource:

    The Global Shark Attack File dataset found on Kaggle containing information from shark attacks.


@WingFung also worked on this. Thought I would be able to edit the main post but looks like it isn't allowing it.


Team 3 | Sep. 14, 2020 | @AlysonW, @bryanchen, @miller_aaron 


Project Description:

Where can I find a safe, cheap (<$100 USD) place to stay in NYC, where I get the whole place, it is available more than half of the year, and there are at least 20 user reviews?


Data Sources used:

2019 NYC Airbnb Listings

2014-15 NYC Crimes



With mismatched time periods, this POC only proves the concept of identifying "safer" areas to stay in a city you may be unfamiliar with. Given the large amount of crime in NYC, we limited crimes to only Felonious Assaults that occurred in Sep.


@richardtimperlake @IgorK look at our Bootcamp project in which we started to look closer at numbers of migration in relation to GDP of different countries.