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New Associate Project Thread

Community Manager
Community Manager

This thread will function as a space to share all the projects from Alteryx Associates during Bootcamp training.  It will consist of two aspects that will complement each other. Projects will be posted by a member from each team allowing community members to offer feedback, as well as vote on their favorite projects by liking those posts.




  1. Choose a representative to post on behalf of your team
  2. Share your project and any background you'd like in your post, and make sure to @mention each teammate and include files as well as links to data sources you've used (Format example below)

    Team Number | Date | Team Members
    -Project Description - Use this space to tell your story about what you wanted to accomplish with your project, what questions you asked, etc
    -Data Sources used
    -Files for your workflow

  3. Keep an eye on any responses you get, you might learn some really great stuff from the community at-large




  1. If you have time and interest, take a look at the projects submitted by the new Associates
  2. If you're impressed, like their post and give them any feedback you have, just make sure to @ mention the team members. This is a great chance to start a dialogue!


We hope that this thread will be a fun way for new Associates to get involved in the community and make some connections with all of you that are here already, and we also hope that it allows our thriving community members a chance to meet some new folks at Alteryx!  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to answer.


Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead

Team #9 / Class of 12 Apr 2021 / @stefaniesmith @spencerhong @Shawna_Lehmann8 @Gentle 


Description: We were performing exploratory data analysis and wanted to tell a story that involved being able to play with some of the mapping functionality.


Data Source: The US Department of Agriculture - Economic Research Service publishes county-level data


Our Process: In the end, we decided to combine the county level data for poverty and education to come up with maps to display the counties with the best and worst proportions for the percentage of adults who have college degrees, and those who are in poverty.


Results: The top 25 counties with a large percentage of college-educated adults and also high marks of adult poverty were heavily concentrated in the midwest, particularly western Nebraska. The bottom 25 counties were primarily in the south-east, particularly Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.


Questions/Observations: The data includes detailed splits for ages 0-4, 5-17, and 0-17. However, there is no corresponding breakouts for seniors -- this seems like a major gap in the data where we provide high visibility into youth poverty, but are entirely blind to elderly in the official government data sets.


Here is our project for the April 2021 Bootcamp. 
Thank you @JoaoTiagoP,  @vojtav@Debbie_N@GeorgiaShearman and @Clara_Stegmaier for your input and inspiration. 


Unfortunately I can"t upload all data and workflow, but here are the most important parts. 






Using the World Happiness report, we placed countries in a scattered chart with life expectancy and happiness level in the X and Y axis. 

Then, using a second data set, we created bubbles for each country, where the size of the bubble represented the meat consumption.


The workflow output has two charts: one with total consumption per country, and one with average consumption per person.


Based on the size and location of the bubbles, we could present data to show that higher meat consumption results in longer life expectancy and  higher happiness levels. 


The debate will remain on whether increasing meat consumption increases happiness and longevity, or if happy long-living people just happen to eat more meat. In any case, the resulting graph is an asset for meat lovers who can now back up their meat eating habits with actual data. Thank you Alteryx!


Team: @rnues  Russ Nues and Marcela Abrach




Team 3 | 05/13/2021 | @andrew_mendoza_21 @AmandaG @alex_moran 
-Project Description - Our team worked on a weekly challenge that we found in the Community! The challenge we picked with analyzing popular baby names by year.
-Data Sources used: We used the names.yxdb file from the Community Weekly Challenge.
-Files for your workflow: Our workflow outputs a Tableau .hyper file which we used to build a dashboard.


Team 2 | May 2021 | @davidmoon @ScottMcLeod @komlan 
- Our team explored the Interactive Chart tool and Assisted Modeling tool using datasets to assess the impacts of key demographics on a student's final grade in their Math or Portuguese language class. 
-Data Sources were from kaggle:


Team 5 | 5/13/2021| @jpowellsd @elainebusby @kgiblin @joesaperstein


Project Description:

    We wanted to analyze data on Colorado 14ers and determine what factors contributed to average visitors at a particular 14er peak.  Since most of our group is in Colorado, we also wanted to find the peaks with the least traffic so they could go explore.  We looked at distance from Denver and route difficulty as two fields of interest.  We determined that distance from Denver had the highest correlation to average number of visitors, so we used the average visitors as the theme and color coded it on the map. It did in fact show that the further from Denver you get, the fewer the visitors.  


Data Source:

    The dataset came from Kaggle: Colorado Fourteeners | Kaggle


@Jana_Gouda @ritalpatel 


Project description:

We wanted to answer a question everyone thought of at least once... What should we watch tonight?

With my teammates, we realized that we have many criteria and so many streaming platform to choose from. 


So we decided we wanted a model that would rank movies according to our criteria and show us where we could watch the movies.


Our criteria can be edited!


Databases we used (found on Kaggle): 

  • Movies On Streaming Platforms
  • Movies on Rotten Tomatoes