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New Associate Project Thread


Team #9 / Class of 12 Apr 2021 / @stefaniesmith @spencerhong @Shawna_Lehmann @Gentle 


Description: We were performing exploratory data analysis and wanted to tell a story that involved being able to play with some of the mapping functionality.


Data Source: The US Department of Agriculture - Economic Research Service publishes county-level data


Our Process: In the end, we decided to combine the county level data for poverty and education to come up with maps to display the counties with the best and worst proportions for the percentage of adults who have college degrees, and those who are in poverty.


Results: The top 25 counties with a large percentage of college-educated adults and also high marks of adult poverty were heavily concentrated in the midwest, particularly western Nebraska. The bottom 25 counties were primarily in the south-east, particularly Georgia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas.


Questions/Observations: The data includes detailed splits for ages 0-4, 5-17, and 0-17. However, there is no corresponding breakouts for seniors -- this seems like a major gap in the data where we provide high visibility into youth poverty, but are entirely blind to elderly in the official government data sets.


Here is our project for the April 2021 Bootcamp. 
Thank you @JoaoTiagoP,  @VojtaV@Debbie_N@GeorgiaShearman and @Clara_Stegmaier for your input and inspiration. 


Unfortunately I can"t upload all data and workflow, but here are the most important parts.