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New Associate Project Thread


Team 5 | 14 September 2020 | @cshutto, @fbrunholi @MartyFlanders  


Project Description: We wanted to find what are the three highest counties per state for Covid-19 cases per capita. We often hear about where there are high numbers of cases, but we wondered about the cases per capita for a county.


We found that the counties with the highest cases per capita don't always correlate to the counties with the highest population. 


Team 4 | September 14, 2020 |  @AndreiKarabelnikau @gfilla 

Project Description -  Understanding usage patterns and trends for the bike sharing service in Chicago (Divvy) .  We explored 2019 data which provided observations for each ride / rental along with information on the type of rider such as birth year, gender, and user type.  For our project, we sought to answer these questions:


  • Most popular starting station
  • Most popular ending station
  • Differences in trip length by Age, Gender, Customer type
  • Visualize a heat map of popular bike locations to understand usage patterns
  • Create a Predictive Model for forecasting rides from each station by month


Data Sources used

  1. Quarterly historic data from Divvy

  2. Location Lat/Long from Chicago Data portal 


Note: This project was originally completed with full 2019 data and reduced to 2H (Q3/Q4 data) due to data size limitations for uploading and sharing to the community.  If you are interested in analyzing the full 2019 data set, you can easily download the Q1/Q2 2019 files from the link above and connect them to the Join tool in the workflow. 


10/12/2020 | @chase-zieman  @ErinColton 


Our team chose a data set from the UC Irvine machine learning repository of red and white wines and their corresponding attributes. Within the datasets, there are 12 variables including one on quality. Based on this quality attribute (scale of 1-10), we decided to create a binary classifier of Good (>=7) or Bad. This workflow utilizes data ingestion, feature engineering, the R toolkit, and the python SDK to assess different classification algorithms and their prediction performances (using AUC).

Team: @Sergiy 


- Project description:

Based on solar power plants generation data find out the following:

1. Predict generation for next 2 weeks for both plants

2. Is there any correlation between air temperature and generation productivity

3. Are there solar panels behaving abnormally (e.g. generation was two times less than average that day on that plant)


- Data source used:


Team 1 | 9 November 20 | @brianflynn @tonygagliardi @sstall , @matt_griffis 


-Project Description -


For our project we chose to answer the question posed in Weekly Challenge #106:


Initially our workflow squirreled away from us, we had four nasty formulas in a row just to get the times into a different format, but then we discovered the Date-Time tool. It was pretty much smooth sailing from there. We ended up with two solutions and both are posted below. 


-Data Sources used-


Provided by challenge. 


-Files for your workflow- 

See attached. 


Team 3| Dec. 3, 2020| @bonej , @AshleyM 


Project Description:

We wanted to look at data to determine which movie streaming service has the best movies based on ratings from Rotton Tomato and IMDb. We then wanted to explore if this changed with age (over 18, and under 18). 


Data Sources Used: 

MoviesOnStreamingPlatforms from Kaggle




- Project Description : Summarizing Top 100 Best Soccer Players' Nationality and adding columns of "Number of Players", "Average Overall Score" and "Average Value".

- Data Sources used : FIFA 19 complete player dataset (


Team 7 | 1/14/12021 | Mark Andre Luke Haberer Michelle Walker Steve Tso


Posting our boot camp project here.... hopefully the data comes along....


If not original data can be found here:


The goal of the workflow is to predict how a driver may have performed had they continued racing.

I was not able to get this to actually function, but if anyone in the community wants to take a stab please feel free.




Bootcamp project Analytic application for Forecast of Covid cases in US, specific state is selected by user.


Artem Pakhomov

Evgeniy Stadnik

Herman Kyrii

Jakub Dvorak II

Jan Curda



Team 5 | 1/14/2021 | Regina Brown, Andy Neal, William Jette, Frank Lanasa, Andrew Crane

  • Project Description
    • Looking for relationships between poverty levels and voter turnout using state-level data
  • Data Sources used
    • US Census Poverty rates
    • US Census Population data
    • 2020 General election turnout rates
  • Files for your workflow
    • attached