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Lets Vote for Our Alteryx community

18 - Pollux

Alteryx User Group made it into the 2022 CMX Awards nominees for the Best User Group Program. Congratulations to every Alteryx community member. I believe it is thanks to all of you why each user group meetings are so special.  (CopyRight @Emil_Kos )

Alteryx communities are competing with AWS, UiPath, HubSpot, and other big names in the industry. So if you also think that Alteryx User Group meetings are fantastic, please invest a few seconds and visit to vote.

How to do that? Click on the User Group Program dropdown, click on Alteryx, enter your name and email, and remember to hit Submit! 


21 - Polaris

Awesome news @Qiu 😀 I have already voted and I will be sharing this post on other media for people to vote.


You should tag some people so that they are aware and can share this post 🙂.

16 - Nebula

I voted as well! 😀


Hope we will nail that and we will win 😁

21 - Polaris

Hi All,


Please vote, share this post, tag more people and support our beloved Alteryx Community 🙂 to win the Best User Group Program. Because we know it is 😀.


@AngelosPachis@AkimasaKajitani,  @AbhilashR@apathetichell@Ar13f@binay2448@Ben_H@Christina_H,  @chukleswk@ChrisTX

@CharlieS@cmcclellan,  @clmc9601@CiaranA@carlosteixeira@danilang,@DawnDuong@drew9@DavidP@dougperez@Esmeralda_In_Paris,

@fmvizcaino@HomesickSurfer@jdunkerley79@Joe_Lipski@Jonathan-Sherman@Jean-Balteryx@jrgo@KarolinaRoza@Luke_C,  @Ladarthure


@patrick_mcauliffe,  @Peachyco,  @phottovy@RolandSchubert@Sebastiaandb


PS: Sorry if I haven't tagged your name it was a rough list I could collate. Hence, please tag others and spread the word 😁.


For Alteryx! For Alteryx Community! Go Team! 🎉🎉



11 - Bolide

@atcodedog05  Voted! Awesome, let's win this!

15 - Aurora

Hi @atcodedog05 


Good Idea!

I voted it.


I would like to try to spread in Japanese Community.


11 - Bolide

The best, goes without saying it. Hoping for a big win! 🙂

8 - Asteroid

Yay! voted 🙂

11 - Bolide

@atcodedog05 thanks for sharing, happy to be part of Alteryx in anyway possible.


Grateful to be around all the SMEs and experts for advise 🙂

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Done 🙂