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Intergrate alteryx with powerbi



My organization is planning to implement PowerBI as a down stream application to visualize the alteryx output. I would like to know what kind of Power BI license I will need and what is the costing. My organization is a startup and only one person will work on PowerBI and publish the reports that will be shared with a maximum of 10 people in the organization.


Any help will be much appreciated.






Hello @Karthik_Viswanathan 
Thank you for your post!
Unfortunately, our community will not be able to assist you with pricing for Microsoft products.
Please check out the Power BI pricing page on the Microsoft website. 


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hey @Karthik_Viswanathan 

I'm not the best to talk about the licensing side, but just for a bit of information on the Technical side, you may want to check out this:

It explains the powerbi tool, how to set it up, download it, etc.
I've used the tool myself, it takes a little bit of setting up but after that its incredibly straight forward.

Hope this helps!