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Core Prep Question

5 - Atom

All I am looking for is being proficient enough to pass the CORE certification. Ideally I’d like to get to Advanced, but that’s way down the road.

  1. I have a Mac, and I’ve seen multiple reddit posts about people having issues downloading Alteryx with a Mac…do you know if that’s the case? If so, I can always download on my desktop PC, just wanted to know

  2. There is the PDF-esque document that has Steps 1-8 of what you need to do to be ready for the Core test, but within that document, under Step 1, there’s a "Get Started Learning Path". I click on that directly from the PDF, and it takes me to a big page with a blue column down the left-hand side of the page, with titles such as Input Data, Text Input, Datatypes, Select, etc. running down the page. This column also has periodic Practice Exercises, and finishes at the bottom of the screen with a Capstone Project. Does all of that need to be done for the simple passing of the Core Exam?

Essentially, the main question is:

I use the Core PDF, scroll down to "Steps to Certification Success". Under LEARN, I do step 1 and click on Get Started Learning Path. It takes me to the main page with the blue column. I’m in Input Data, I do Interactive Learning 1, I watch the lesson, take the quiz, pass it, then it takes me to a WHOLE Interactive Lessons page, that shows my overall % progress, with a progress bar for "All Lessons", "Getting Started", "Alteryx for Excel Users", "Writing Expressions", etc.

Is this the page I now want to stick to? And just complete everything I’m seeing on this page? Or do I still need to be using the PDF and complete all of the blue column page stuff TOO? Or does that overlap and its the same stuff, just looking differently?


Sorry that was so much and I may just be overthinking, I just wanted to brain-dump on people who have completed the Core certification and see what I should do.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

I think basically you have two questions

  • Yes Alteryx is only compatible with PC so far.
  • Nothing is required as prequisite for the Core certicaition. The page you mentioned is propbaly the Interactive Leaning Lession, which is effective for passing, but not mandatory. 
    My suggestion is just  go and fire one shot for exam, since it is free anyway. Then you will know where are you. 😂
22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @joeybiegel 


1. Yes Alteryx is only compatible with windows. If you want to use it on mac, either you can use Mac BootCamp(mac built-in) which can create windows dual boot or you can install virtual machine software and install windows on that.

PS: I was using Mac dual boot with Alteryx for a while and it was working well for me.


2. If the interactive lessons are still having issues. You can go through training videos which are also helpful and help you in preparing. I have used them I have found them helpful.


PS: Trainings are not mandatory but recommended.


3. And at last as @Qiu mentioned ore certification exams are free and you get an attempt each week. And the number of attempts is not tracked anywhere and will not impact your score. So go ahead keep learning and give an attempt each week this way you will also get a good hands-on on the exam.


Happy to help : )

Happy new year to you and your close ones : ) May it be filled with happiness and prosperity =D   


22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Happy to help : ) @joeybiegel 

Cheers and have a nice day!


Hi @joeybiegel ,


Not to mention trying out the highly-interactive Alteryx Getting Started Learning Path here:


This particular learning path specifically covers a lot of the Alteryx Tools which will be tested in the Alteryx Designer Core Exam.


Good luck 😉 




5 - Atom

Hey! Some trainings aren't working as expected...mainly the quiz section. Someone please look into it.


Thank you!!!!