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Get your skills in gear with hours and hours of videos on topics ranging from beginner to advanced

Video Training Index

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Our video library contains recorded sessions on a variety of topics at different skill levels.

Training Title Date Topic Difficulty

Data Investigation and Preparation 

09-15-2021 Inspire 2021, Data Investigation, Data Preparation, Predicitive, Predictive Analysis, Preparation Intermediate

 Introduction to Analytical Apps 

09-15-2021 Inspire 2021, Apps, Interface, Preparation Beginner 

Introduction to Alteryx 

09-14-2021 Inspire 2021, Data Analysis, Data Preparation, Join, Preparation Beginner
Building a Workflow in Designer 2020-01-30 Intro Beginner
Calgary Databases 2018-04-09 Intro Advanced
Calgary Databases 2018-06-25 Data Blending Advanced
Comparing and Enriching Data Sets 2017-02-25 Spatial Intermediate
Configuring the Alteryx Server 2019-12-18 Server Advanced
Core Certification Prep Part I 2018-08-28 Intro Beginner
Core Certification Prep Part II 2018-10-16 Data Blending Beginner
Core Certification Prep Part III 2018-11-06 Intro Beginner
Core Certification Prep Part IV 2020-01-03 Intro Beginner
Customizing Map Legends 2020-02-13 Reporting Intermediate
Data Types 101 2020-01-29 Intro Beginner
Digital Marketing Insights with Google Analytics Presented by 2017-11-17 Data Analysis Advanced
Financial Functions in Alteryx 2016-09-13 Data Analysis Intermediate
Harnessing Predictive Analytics for Employee Attrition Slalom 2017-12-01 Data Analysis Intermediate
Parsing Dates and Times 2019-03-12 Intro Intermediate
Parsing for Intermediate Users 2017-06-15 Data Parsing Intermediate
Reporting for Intermediate Users 2018-03-13 Data Analysis Intermediate
Retail Site Selection with Google Places API Presented by Slalom 2017-11-10 Spatial Intermediate
Running Totals and Weighted Averages 2018-06-23 Data Analysis Intermediate
Scaling Alteryx Server 2019-12-11 Server Advanced
Spatial Analytics for Intermediate Users 2018-07-17 Spatial Intermediate
Time Series Modeling 2018-10-02 Advanced Analytics Intermediate
Tips and Tricks 2018-08-28 Intro Beginner
Tips and Tricks I Never Knew 2017-01-26 Data Analysis Beginner
Tips and Tricks I Never Knew That 2017-04-25 Intro Intermediate
Tips and Tricks Underrated Tools 2016-12-27 Intro Beginner
Working with Strings in Alteryx 2017-04-19 Data Analysis Intermediate