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Alteryx Workflow Automation

5 - Atom


Currently we're setting up 100s of collections/users and other pieces manually. We need a API endpoint by which we can have below mentioned options to be done programmatically.


1. Add/remove/update AD groups and update their permissions

2. Add/delete/update collections, subscriptions, studios and other assets

3. Add/delete/update workflows and other assets in collection

4. Add/delete/update users or studios in collection

5. Add/delete/update permissions which can be set on assets in workflows

6. Add/delete/update data connections

7. Add/delete/update credentials

8. Add/delete/update assets in Subscriptions

9. Add/delete/update asset permissions in subscriptions

10. Assign/modify/delete workflow credentials assigned to a subscription

Any documentations or scripts will be is much appreciated. 

12 - Quasar

hey @Naveenlogic 

You will want to look at: 

The private gallery has an api you can utilise, to do all of these things as far as i'm aware. 

Theres also a github repo setup, which may be a pretty quick shortcut for you: 

Hope this helps!