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Alteryx Internal User group meetings

16 - Nebula


I have started writing an article about the benefits of having internal Alteryx user groups.

Does anyone know if some statistics show ROI or other benefits of having a group like this?

I don't think it should be specific for Alteryx. Still, I would love to, for example, read an academic paper showing the impact of the user groups on the organization or something that will show that there is value in creating a group like this would help me a lot.

Thank you for your help!


Hi @Emil_Kos - I am afraid I don't have any helpful information or research to provide, but I am very interested in seeing the output of your research. If possible, would you share your article with us here once it is published? 

16 - Nebula

Hi @colewelch,


Yes I will definitely publish it on the community.


I probably need a week or two to finish it.