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JIRA Connector

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Does this connector require the latest version of Alteryx? I am running version 2018.2.5.48994.

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My organization has been using this macro for about a year.  Great job with it!


Recently, JIRA has changed their API to no longer accept user name.  Instead, they accept account number.  Replacing my username with account number doesn't work with this macro.  Is there any way to revive the macro now that the API has changed?




7 - Meteor

I'm using the macro with an email address and the Jira token (instead of the password).

The only disadvantage with this approach is that you can't filter the issues based on the user name so basically you get all the issues for the project.

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A fantastic idea which is really useful for companies

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All - Just as an FYI, I no longer have the time to work on further development and/or bug fixes for this project.  I would encourage anyone and everyone to feel free to pick this up and submit new & improved version in the Gallery.  Thanks for all of the great feedback!



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Yes your last option is what I would also be looking for in a JIRA connector solution since I need to pull more than 23,000 issues currently which are growing daily. Oh.... and that is just one type of issue. Other types have issue data sets in the 9,000 range. Question: 1 I am new to the Alteryx community, is the source code for these community based connectors made available also? The reason I am asking, is that anything which is open source, has to be reviewed by our InfoSec team and get their approval prior to it being used within our network. Question: 2 So I am assuming you handle the SSL authentication also with your JIRA Connector. Is my assumption correct? I am asking because my attempts at using the JIRA Rest API using the Alteryx Download tool failed due to its inability to handle SSL URL requests.
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Hi All,

Having an issues with getting a full list of issues via Alteryx. 


By downloading JIRA issues via the connector I'm receiving a different number vs same API request via a browser. I figured out that API request via Ateryx is missing all the issues which have the security level in place.


Did anyone come across the problem with the security level?




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Hi All,


We need some help to use this JIRA connector, my use case is as mentioned below.


Wants to fetch all Open Bugs by CreatedDate (here CreatedDate will be filter) and want to get all Closed Bugs by Resolveddate. 

I am not sure in this connection can we able to provide condition as Createddate and can we able to download all bugs.

Please help us.


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Based on my research, the JIRA Connector broke when the newest version of the JIRA API was released. The creator of the JIRA Connector posted that he is not supporting it any longer. Unfortunately this leaves the Connector as non-functioning in its current form. He did mention that he hoped that someone else would pickup the Connector, update it and increase its functionality. Most people are using the basic Download tool with the JSON Parse tool to build custom solutions for pulling data from JIRA. Sorry for not having a more positive response for you.

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@bhaushedbale, I created a custom Python tool to pull Jira data for myself.  Since the creator of this connector is not supporting it, I assume there is no issue if I link mine in here?


You can view the source code on GitHub and download the latest version from this releases page (look for under the 1.23 release).  I have tested it with the latest version of Alteryx.  Our version of Jira is 7.11.2, so not the latest.  But it uses Jira's own Python package to make requests, so I assume it can handle multiple versions of Jira without a problem.


You can provide a JQL string to filter issues upfront and it pulls multiple types of objects (projects, issues, issue sprints, issue components, comments).  It's been effective for our ETL needs, maybe you will find it useful as well.