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6 - Meteoroid

This is so robust! Thank you! However, it will only return 100 records, and I'm not finding where I can change it to iterate through the full results. Any pointers?

8 - Asteroid

That is odd, I have not had any problem with automatically pulling all results before.


Text Input (320) has a parameter column [max] which is used after the initial download tool determines how many results match your JQL.

Then in Generate Rows (314) that [max] is used to create batches of up to size [max]. Check the output of 314 to see what the [Issue Count] is and see if the batches are being created.

After creating the batches the data is passed to a sub macro (JIRA Batch Pull v3) which will pull each batch and check to make sure that all results from each batch are returned (there is a character limit on the data that can be returned via the API and if a JIRA issue has a lot of comments or text your results may be truncated, but this will identify that and generate a new batch to capture anything that was truncated or missed)


5 - Atom

Just diving into this new tool and it is working however I am seeing some errors.  Any ideas how I would get these errors but also get parsed results?


Error: JIRA Connector (1): Please enter Username in format DOMAIN\SID (e.g. NAEAST\A123456)

JIRA Connector (1) Check Basic vs Bearer (720): Tool #80: Error transferring data: Couldn't resolve host name



I also can't seem to get the custom fields list to work.  I used the option to save all fields and saved a new copy and from that copy I removed all the fields I didn't want/need.  Unchecked the standard and custom fields and checked the box for use custom field file and linked to my new file.  As soon as I did that, I didn't get any parsed results.

5 - Atom

One more question.  What is the best way in Alteryx to handle the Sprint.  When an issue doesn't meet the criteria for done in the sprint and it gets realigned to the next sprint you get two rows in a cell (or more if it moves multiple times. hope that doesn't happen).  I am interested only in the last row of the cell or the most recent sprint.  Any ideas?


UPDATE: I used regex to replace /n with , then used text to columns to split them into different columns then used a calculated column to get the last one.  Probably a more elegant solution but it's working as needed.

5 - Atom

@bkclaw113 can you point me to any documentation as to how I can implement EPV so I can run this on the server?  I should have read the documentation more closely as this is a requirement for me.

8 - Asteroid

@kasey_pickar, I am afraid that each organization is going to have their own way of obtaining authentication. You will need to figure out how to obtain a token, or username/password and then just pass that information into the JIRA Connector through control parameters

11 - Bolide

I have tried every variation of of my user name (with email, domain that i know we use internally) just the username without email tail end. 


I keep seeing this error: 


Username Format Domain/SID 


and then also "can't resolve the hostname" 


we use the following URL --- jira.mycompany.com


this is the site I used to create an API Key though -- https://id.atlassian.com/


Any help? guidance on next steps? 

5 - Atom

I'm having the same issue as @jaxx084 . Were you able to resolve this problem? @bkclaw113 I'm not finding the components you have listed above.

8 - Asteroid

Sorry @dnrich, but I cannot replicate the issue to address it.