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Trifacta Migration FAQ

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Trifacta Support Migration FAQ:


When will my support cases be moved to Alteryx?

Answer: Case information from 2022 to today will be moved over 2023-04-03


How do I reach Customer Support?

Answer:  On/after 2023-04-03 all support requests should be sent in through Case Management.


What do I select when creating a case in Case Management?

Answer: When submitting a new case, select Trifacta from the Products drop-down. See MyAlteryx Success Hub FAQ for a walkthrough.


How do I look for articles for help?

Answer: Search for what you need in Documentation and Community.


How do I get notifications on SaaS cloud maintenance and SaaS cloud updates?

Answer: Visit the status page here and subscribe to notifications.

Where can I find the support guidelines?

Answer: Support guidelines can be found here.



Trifacta Academy Migration FAQ:


When will the migration occur?

Answer: Trifacta Academy will shut down January 13 at 5PM EST, and all completed course history will transition into Alteryx Academy. Incomplete coursework will not be migrated. Community content including likes, posts, ideas and other Trifacta Community content will be migrated to the Alteryx Community in March.



Who will the migration impact?

Answer: The migration of Trifacta Academy will impact anyone who has logged in to the Trifacta Academy starting 1/1/2022 and has enrolled in at least 1 course. The migration of Trifacta Community content will be completed at a later date and impact all Trifacta Community users.



When is the final day to complete any existing course work in Trifacta Academy?

Answer: Finish all coursework by January 13, 2023 at 5PM EST to ensure credit transfers.



What will happen to my Trifacta Academy account and any incomplete work?

Answer: Your Trifacta Academy account will become inactive. Any incomplete progress will not be transitioned.



Will I need to create a Alteryx Community account for my information to be migration?

Answer: No. An account will be created on your behalf using the same information provided for your Trifacta Community account. Please note that ONLY your certification and profile details will be migrated at this time. Any posts, comments, ideas or articles that you created will be migrated in March with the primary migration.



How can I verify if my account will be impacted / migrated?

Answer: Log in to your existing Trifacta Acadamy account to see if you have enrolled in, started, or completed a course on or before 1/1/2022. If the answer is yes, you will be impacted by the migration.



What will happen to my Trifacta Community account?

Answer: After the migration on January 13th, you will still be able to access Trifacta Community with your existing login info. We are only sunsetting the Academy at this time.



Something doesn't look right with the data that was migrated to Alteryx Academy - Who can I reach out to for help?

Answer: If you believe the information in your new Alteryx Academy is incorrect, please reach out to for Interactive Lessons requests and for Certification requests.



Will this impact Trifacta Credly badges?

Answer: No, this will not impact your obtained credly badges.



Does Alteryx Academy also use Credly and will it work the same way as it did in Trifacta Academy?

Answer: Yes we do, you can read more about how Alteryx use’s Credly in our Credly FAQ!



An account was created for me on the Alteryx Community, but I don’t see my posts, ideas or articles, where are they?

Answer: All Community content including posts, ideas, articles and similar will be migrated from the Trifacta Community to the Alteryx Community in March with the Community migration. Your posts and content will be added to your account during that migration so long as the email associated with your Trifacta Community account matches the email associated with your Alteryx Community account.



When will my certificates and academy lesson history be available?

Answer: Your academy lesson history and certifications will be added to your account within a week the migration on January 18th. Should you notice your information is still missing after January 25th please reach out to us at



Where are the Wrangler and Deputy courses?

Answer: Wrangler course was renamed to Designer Cloud Core and Deputy course was renamed to Designer Cloud Advanced. They can be found under the Learning Paths section of the Academy



Where do I go to take a Trifacta Certification?

Answer: Designer Cloud (formerly Trifacta) certifications can be found here along with Alteryx Certifications.



I haven't started any courses in Trifacta Academy, but plan to, when / how can I get started.

Answer: Trifacta Academy content has already been brought over to the Alteryx Community, so please feel free to sign up for an Alteryx Community account to begin your learning here!



Once my account has been migrated, is there any action I need to take? Do I need to login and update any profile information?

Answer: Yes, you’ll receive an email to reset the password to your Alteryx Community account after it’s created. Please do so to finalize your account creation.



Trifacta Community Migration FAQ:


When will my posts, ideas and comments be moved to the Alteryx Community?

Answer: Community content will be moved to the Alteryx Community in March, we’ll update this FAQ and provide communications closer to the date with exact timeline and requirements.



What content and/or features will be migrated?

Answer: Content and features will be migrated as follows:

  • Username

  • Messages, threads and posts

  • Embedded Images and attachments

  • Accepted solutions and solved topics

  • Kudos/Likes on messages

  • Groups and group members

  • Idea Statuses



Where do I get support for the Trifacta product?

Answer: Support for the Trifacta product will continue to be through the Trifacta Community case portal until the Community migration in March. We’ll notify all users in advance of that migration on where you will access your support cases in the future.



What if I have additional questions not covered in this FAQ?

Answer: We encourage you to ask you questions in the comment section and we will answer it ASAP. If you have a question, it's likely someone else has the same one!


Not seeing your question? Please comment and we'll do our best to respond!