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Public Gallery Migration FAQ


What is Gallery?

The Alteryx Analytics Gallery (also known as Public Gallery) is a public website for Alteryx users to share workflows, analytic apps, and macros that they’ve created with Alteryx Designer.


Why is it moving, and where is it going?

Gallery’s new home is on the Alteryx Community here. Community members already share thousands of workflows throughout the forums. We think it makes sense to have a single place for Alteryx users to be able to share and find apps and workflows.


What functionality is changing?

Rather than running workflows and apps directly on the Public Gallery, Community users will need to download and execute them locally with Designer. Over time the Community team plans to add exciting new functionality to Gallery on Community to further enhance the experience.


How does this affect my company’s private Alteryx Server installation?

Your company’s private Alteryx Server installation will not be affected by this change.


What is being migrated?

Much of the Alteryx-created content in the Districts has been migrated to Community. User-uploaded content in the Public Gallery will not be migrated. Users will have until the end of the year to download their workflows and apps from the Public Gallery. 


How do I migrate my stuff?

Sign in to Gallery. Navigate to either the Public Gallery or your Private Studio. Type your name into the search bar at the top of the page to find your items. Click the item you’d like to save, then click the Download button. And don’t forget to copy the description in case you’d like to use that when you upload back to Community. To upload to Community, go to the Gallery page and click the Submit to Gallery button. Consult Submitting to Gallery Best Practices for more information.


When is this happening?

Now! You should download assets from Public Gallery that you wish to preserve. The new Community Gallery is now live and you can upload assets you’ve downloaded from the Public Gallery. By the end of the year, the website will be shut down.


Who do I reach out to if I have more questions?

Feel free to ask your question in a comment below, or contact Support.

8 - Asteroid

Hi! is there an archive to research/review user submitted items that were on the public gallery that weren't transitioned over yet? Just seeing this now and would love to be able to download/search for a few items if possible (assuming "Year-end" means 2021 and not 2022...)