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Alteryx Community Progression - Ranks vs Badges

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Alteryx Community Progression Information


What is a badge?


Badges are awarded for specific achievements within the Alteryx Community.  These can be as simple as participating in a specific event or completing a certification.  They can also be geared toward achieving a certain number of likes, responses, or new threads (to name a few).  The main thing to remember is the specificity. To earn a badge, you must meet the exact requirements set for that badge to be awarded.  Think of them as an achievement pin or ribbon.


What is a rank?


The Alteryx Community rank system runs parallel to the badges within the community.  Ranks, like badges, have requirements to achieve them.  However, unlike badges, ranks are a progressive linear system.  Instead of being rewarded a single rank for completing a task, your cumulative community activity moves you along the ranking structure within the Alteryx Community. We won't tell you exactly what you need to do to move up the ranks, but think about being a helpful, active member of the community and you should be on the right track!


How do these work together?


Ranks show where you are in your overall community journey thus far.  Your rank will be a good example of how you fall into fairly general categories of community experience. Badges complement the rank system, and show the achievements that you've gained for specific accomplishments and activities.Scouting is an excellent example because it's one of the clearest analogies.  Your rank would be likened to Gold Award (Girl Scouts) or Eagle Scout (Boy Scouts).  Your badges would function similarly to the badges on a scout sash, being awarded for meeting specific criteria for each one.


If you ever have any questions about the way these work together, reach out or post in the forums!