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Alteryx Beta Program | How to install a beta and commercial version of Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Our new beta program has launched, and it's quite easy to keep working with your current commercial installation while at the same time evaluating pre-release versions of Alteryx Designer.  Following are some strategies to install and test both a Beta and Commercial Version of Alteryx Designer at the same time:


  1. Install Admin version of Commercial Designer side by side with a Non-Admin version of Beta Designer or vice versa* (Most Common)
  2. Dedicate a separate box, remote desktop or VM image to beta
  3. Uninstall Commerical, Test Beta /Uninstall Beta, Reinstall Commerical – Metadata Persists

I'll go into #1 in detail as its the most common option.  Following is a use case that describes what is likely the most likely way in which users could use both on the same machine:

As an Alteryx customer, I'm currently running a commercial version of Alteryx Designer.  First, I need to determine whether I'm using an 'Admin' or 'Non-Admin' version of Designer, I select Help | About in the Commercial version of Alteryx Designer that I'm currently running and see that I'm using an 'Admin' version.

image (7).png
figure 1 - Alteryx Designer Commercial version running in 'Admin' mode

I want to test a beta version so I go to the beta website (sign up for beta at and choose the 'Non-Admin' Installer (remember, I'm using 'Admin' commercial version, so choose the 'Non-Admin' option)

image (8).png
figure 2 - Since my commercial version of Alteryx Designer is in 'Admin' mode, I'm downloading the 'Non-Admin' version of the beta installer.

Then I install the 'Non-Admin' installer on the same box running the 'Admin' version, the result is two installers, side by side! One, the commercial version and the other a beta version!

image (9).png
figure 3 - I have a Commercial (Admin Mode) and Beta (Non-Admin Mode) version of Alteryx Designer running side by side on the same machine! Extra points, you can name the start menu whatever you want during install!

5 - Atom

So if I am running Beta on a VM, the license key returns an error, how do I get around that?