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As you may have noticed, we’ve continued to rejoice in the idea of Analytic Independence (#analyticindependence), which recognizes and celebrates that the power of data blending and advanced analytics is now in the hands of the data analysts – the people who know the data best, and who want to work without restraint to create the dataset they need to answer the big business questions.


With the addition of cloud-based platforms, the enablement of self-service analytics is accelerated, not just for data analysts but for businesses. For growing, innovative businesses, the road to self-service analytics can begin earlier: no longer faced with standing up expensive, complicated data warehouses, they can quickly move onto the data blending, advanced analytics and data visualization they need to answer important business questions.


Our new whitepaper "Self-Service Analytics for Cloud-Based Data" is based on the fact that businesses need three integral technology components to achieve analytic independence:


  • An agile cloud-based data warehouse solution
  • Data blending and advanced analytics software
  • Visualization software


The paper further explores how two different companies set up an infrastructure to meet their specific business needs, each with a different architecture but both successful.


Read more here on how they implemented the three integral components using Alteryx, Amazon Redshift and Tableau to successfully deploy self-service analytics for their business users.