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What’s New?

The Assisted Modeling teams have been working hard to bring some awesome new features to the Assisted Modeling experience in Designer! We hope that these new features will provide our customers further insights into the Assisted Modeling journey and offer more opportunities for our customers to customize their predictive analytics workflows to meet their specific needs.  We have added the model train time to the Assisted Modeling leaderboard to help our customers make decisions about which model best suits their needs. We have also added a button next to each model in the Assisted Modeling leaderboard that allows you to output a model report and output Python code into the Designer Python tool!


figure 1 - Export code into Designer Python tool!


Why’s it Cool?

With our new metrics for examining training time in the leaderboards, you can now determine which model to use based on the expense of training the model, so you don’t have to sacrifice your computation time for quality in your Assisted Modeling Pipelines.


With the new HTML Report Output you can now save the results of your machine learning model and capture the metrics in a clean, elegant markup file. Use this feature to track changes in your models while tweaking parameters to help find the best predictive model for your use-case! After you’re done, export the report output to share your model results with others in the organization.


Do you want to understand the “how” behind your predictive power in Designer? Assisted Modeling has enabled you to dive into machine learning as deep as you would like! With the new Python Code Output functionality in Assisted Modeling, you can export your predictive pipeline to the Python Tool. From there you can easily understand, customize and optimize your Modeling Pipeline to meet your every particular need. The seamless transition from Assisted Modeling to Python Tool allows you to synchronize the steps you take in Assisted Modeling with the Python code you are using behind the scenes.


figure 2 - Modeling Pipeline in Alteryx Designer



What’s Next?

Try it out and give us your feedback.  Existing beta participants can sign in here (content highlighted in screenshot below).  Not a beta participant, sign up here (beta participation requirements here).  Questions?



figure 3 - Assisted Modeling content in Alteryx Beta Program


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