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Welcome back to our monthly updates, where we share the latest release features from last month. We had some really exciting releases in March, so make sure to keep reading to find out more! 


Alteryx Designer Cloud 

  • New Databricks Engine Option 
  • Results Grid Improvements 
  • New Functions 


Alteryx Auto Insights 

  • Support for Multi-Lingual Datasets 


Alteryx Machine Learning 

  • ML Sessions
  • Integration tools update
  • Python Model Export
  • Workflow Simplification
  • Time Series Prediction Intervals
  • ML Ops: Scheduling via Plans Integration 


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Keep reading to learn more about these exciting new capabilities and features. 


Alteryx Designer Cloud 


This month in Designer Cloud, we’re happy to announce a new engine option, improvements to the results grid, and two new functions. 


New Databricks Engine Option 


We’re always working to enhance the engines we can work with. Now, users can use Databricks as their engine by simply selecting it in the engine selection dropdown. Before showing up, this will need to be setup in the management console. 


Results Grid Improvements


We’ve brought a number of enhancements to help users perform key functions faster than ever before.  


Users can now split columns of data into either rows or additional columns directly from the results grid header based on their desired delimiter.  


We've also added a suite of additional filtering options to the Results Grid header, including: ‘Is Empty’, ‘Is Not Empty’, ‘Contains’, and ‘Does Not Contain’. To make filtering even faster, users can now apply filters by clicking directly on the data quality bar, which will now add a filter tool to the canvas based on your selection. 


New Functions


Designer Cloud users will see a few new functions this month, which will show up in the Suggestions Panel when appropriate.  


The Round() function will allow to quickly choose a rounding preference without having to write a formula simply by clicking on a column header. 

The Length() function will make it easy to quickly calculate the number of symbols inside each column cell. 


Finally, we’ve squashed several bugs and released several more minor features. To see them all, be sure to check out our release notes. 


Alteryx Auto Insights 


This month in Auto Insights, we are excited to announce the release of multi-lingual support for datasets.  With this release, datasets containing any accented characters (eg à,ê,ÿ), symbols, and non-English languages can be included in dataset columns and values, and will appear without manipulation throughout Missions, Search, Breakdowns, Filters, Subscription emails, Custom Measures, and elsewhere in Auto Insights. 


Alteryx Machine Learning 


The new ML Sessions is a feature that empowers users to implement changes, whether individual or in a series, while encapsulating these modifications at a specific moment in time. This functionality offers several benefits, including enhanced troubleshooting and improved regulatory compliance. Furthermore, it ensures reproducibility and facilitates the continuous enhancement of workflows. By streamlining testing procedures and enabling systematic benchmarking, ML Sessions significantly contributes to efficient model management.  




We have some exciting integration tools update with the focuses on enhancing user experience. Notable improvements encompass the relocation of the Machine Learning Predict tool from the Laboratory tool category to the Machine Learning tool category. Additionally, the icons for the Machine Learning Predict and Send tool have been updated to visually represent cloud connections. 


With the new Python Model Export, users now have the capability to export the Python code associated with the models they construct within Alteryx Machine Learning. 


Workflow simplification is another area of advancement. Aiming to enhance usability, the number of steps required in a workflow has been reduced from seven to four. While retaining all the previous functionality, this restructuring aims to assist users in better distinguishing between mandatory and optional engagement points. 


Time series prediction interval visualizations and download capabilities are now available for all models within Time Series Problem types. (Previously only available for Arima, Prophet, and Exponential Smoothing model types). 


Lastly, ML Ops: Scheduling via Plans Integration allows a user to schedule model predictions directly from Plans.  


A comprehensive overview of these updates and features can be found in the provided release notes. 


Conclusion & Learn More 


Thank you for reading and if you want to learn more about this release, check out Release Notes section below. And don’t forget to let us know your thoughts or share your ideas on our Community Discussion Forums. See you next month!


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