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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Inspire Grand PrixThe Grand Prix finalists are set! It was not an easy task to narrow  the 17 User Group nominees down to 5 drivers, but after a grueling preliminary round, the 5 finalists rose to the top, earning themselves a coveted spot under the bright lights of the main stage during the Grand Prix competition Monday night at Inspire 2016 in San Diego.


During the preliminary rounds, nominees were asked to solve a wide range of data analytics challenges including reshaping survey data for visualization, parsing web service data, predicting revenue for a grocery chain and performing spatial analysis to define trade areas.


After demonstrating their Alteryx muscle, and proving that they truly embrace this year’s Inspire theme of “i.am.analytics,” we are excited to announce this year’s five Grand Prix finalists, in order of points received during the qualifying round (highest to lowest):


Peter Muller, Infotopics

  • User Group: the Netherlands
  • Favorite Tool: Download
  • Fun Fact: Of the 5 finalists, Peter will have logged the most miles (over 5,000!) to be in attendance.


Dan Magnus, KPMG

  • User Group: Denver
  • Favorite Tool: Multi-row Formula
  • Fun Fact: This will be Dan’s second consecutive appearance in the Grand Prix finals.


Matthew Agee, Teknion Data Solutions

  • User Group: Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Favorite Tool: Control Parameter
  • Fun Fact: Matthew is a big fan of ice cream.


Jack Morgan, Charles Schwab

  • User Group: Raleigh-Durham
  • Favorite Tool: Dynamic Input
  • Fun Fact: Jack has quite the celebration planned if he wins, which includes: “some sick burnouts involving copious amounts of rubber smoke from my sneakers. Then I'd bring my pit crew on stage to share some bubbly and bask in the eternal glory of Grand Prix champions! The following night I'd arrive at the Gala on the USS Midway only in the way that a Grand Prix champion could, riding a collective pod of dolphins into the harbor. I'd end my Champion-dom by giving all attendees free Alteryx slap bracelets that say, ‘Your momma so mean, she has no standard deviation’. Then a solid mic-drop, ‘Jack out.’”


Matteo Borriero, MSX International

  • User Group: United Kingdom
  • Favorite Tool: Spatial Match
  • Fun Fact: A victory for Matteo will leave his pocketbook a little lighter, as he plans to “take the people that helped me to reach this achievement out for dinner and drinks.”


As many know, a Grand Prix championship is not to be taken lightly, and there will be a lot at stake among the 2016 finalists. Not only will this year’s winner earn bragging rights at Inspire and around their office, they can expect a high adventure experience to celebrate their victory — not to mention, the Alteryx Grand Prix cup!


Make sure you’re in the Sapphire room at 6pm Monday for what will be an hour of intense, action-packed, Grand Prix competition!


Congratulations to our Grand Prix finalists! And for those of you not yet registered, don’t miss the Grand Prix fun, and everything else Inspire has to offer, including 20-plus customer-led sessions, product training, the Alteryx technology track, the Solutions Center, and more! You can register here.


See you in San Diego!

Jimmy Garrett
Sales Engineer

Jimmy Garrett is manager on the Sales Engineering team at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 10 years.

Jimmy Garrett is manager on the Sales Engineering team at Alteryx and has been with the company for over 10 years.