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Data sources supported by Alteryx grow with every release, and Alteryx Analytics 10.5 is no exception! With this release, we now provide access to popular cloud sources such as Adobe Analytics and Google Sheets. While these tools serve different use cases, they both help analysts achieve successful self-service data analytics by easily obtaining data from a variety of sources.


In keeping with Alteryx’s mission to provide self-service capabilities for data analysts, the new connectors provide the ability to login without requiring credentials from the IT team. Users can log in directly via their Adobe or Google credentials, removing any accessibility issues. Users can still use their client ID and secret in order to schedule workflows on the Alteryx Server. In addition, the new Adobe Analytics and Google Sheets tools leverage the latest HTML5 technology and simplify the ability to search for fields, select dates, etc. For Adobe Analytics, this enables users to search through a large number of elements and metrics quickly in order to create reports that can be dynamically updated with repeatable workflows.


We made it easy to connect to Adobe AnalyticsWith the release of Alteryx Analytics 10.5, not only have we made it easy to connect to Adobe Analytics, but also how the data enters Alteryx once connected. Because Adobe Analytics typically outputs data in JSON format, Alteryx Analytics 10.5 enables analyst with the option to automatically parse the JSON results once connected, streamlining data formatting.


Furthermore, with connections to Google Analytics and Google BigQuery already available in earlier releases of Alteryx Analytics, organizations who have made large investments in the Google Cloud ecosystem can now integrate all of their data within Alteryx with the introductin of the new Google Sheets connector tool.


In order to access the Google Sheets and Adobe Analytics, please visit the Connectors District. The full list of Data Sources can be found here. Feedback requests on these tools can submitted on the Community.


See the new 10.5 data connectors and all of the other great features live by registering for our new release webinar on May 26th. And, follow the Alteryx Analytics 10.5 blog series.


Download the trial to try the new features in 10.5 for yourself.