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Workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled

8 - Asteroid

Hi Everyone!


I've tried to run a workflow in Gallery, but then an error like this appeared: "Workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled"


I know that Event tab must be configured on the Canvas by adding a Run Command, then a .bat file should be enough to configure all the event tab. But the thing is the link that explains how to add this file is not available (Link:


I'd appreciate any kind of support.



13 - Pulsar



Is this on a Chained App or a regular workflow? If the former, look at the solution in the post below.


Note that this does require RDP access to the Alteryx Server machine so you may need to engage with your system admin who's responsible for that machine.


My guess is that this is a setting for Alteryx Server that would need to be changed by your admin.