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Worker Configuration

10 - Fireball

Hello, I'm trying to find the relationship between the checkbox, "Allow Server to manage workflows running simultaneously" and the number in "Workflows allowed to run simultaneously." If we have the first option marked, is the number in the second the number of workflows the server has calculated it can run at a time? So in the screenshot I provided, does this indicate that the server has calculated we can run 1 workflow at a time?



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @cpet13 ,


I had this very same question when I first saw the feature and the answer is that there is no relationship between the two. This is very misleading and it would be better to have a dash (-) or something else instead of going back to 1.


When you check that option, Alteryx calculates the number of workflows on the fly. The method and everything considered is not documented, but I would guess it may be related to the memory available and processing threads being used by other workflows that are running at the moment.



Fernando Vizcaino