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Restrict maximally one job per Worker

6 - Meteoroid



we are currently migrating to the newest Alteryx Server, which we deployed on much resourcefull server. We used to have only one worker and we were used to run only one job in parallel through Alteryx Gallery.


On the new server I set up in Worker/General:

- Worlflow allowed to run simultaneously: 2

- Job assigment

   - run unrestriced jobs: check

   - job tags: dwh, finance


Because we were used on running only 1 job in parallel, our workflows are build in linear logic. For example, 1st scheduled workflow is some dimension table, 2nd another dimension, 3rd another dimension and 4th is fact table which used results from dimensions. If I schedule workflow now, 3rd (dimension) and 4th (fact) table are going to be processed at the same time, which will ends in error. I can theoretically postpone 4th (fact) table on later, but data are increasing and I am not sure how long it will take to be processed. So this is not a solution for me.


Also between "dwh" and "finance" developers arent any links and both teams may run their own workflows simultaneously.


So, I would like to set up that one worker can handle maximally 1 workflow at time.


Is this possible? How can I achieve that?


Thank you very much

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @JanS ,


You just have to move back to 1 workflow allowed to run simultaneously.


Before the AMP engine, the rule was that a worker would use only 2 cores to run workflows, but now it will use all of your cores in parallel, meaning that you can have a super-powerful worker using everything or 2 workers sharing all your server resources.

More info about Workers:



Fernando Vizcaino