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Worker Configuration on a multi-node environment

Alteryx Certified Partner

So I have been working towards understanding configuring Alteryx Server and I came across the following question on the Academy:



The Answer:



I initially thought that a worker could only be enabled to render tiles for mapping or insights (while still performing scheduled workflows if there is no mapping to be rendered or insights). However, this question and answer would indicate that a worker can be restricted to only rendering map tiles or only insights. How can this be done? 


Thank you!

Alteryx Partner

Hi @shawnbres 


The way I would attempt this (I haven't ever needed to do this btw)


1. In Worker Config, Uncheck unassigned jobs but still give a job tag like "Maps" or "Insights" for example



Then in Mapping Configuration check the box to allow.



Or for insights you would check the box for enable insight worker



So in the usage of it, by using job tags only users who have the right tag for a Mapping or Insight job (based on what you configure) would be able to run against it. 


Hope this helps!