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Macro installation in multi node configuration




We've changed from a single node server configuration to multi node.  Suddenly jobs have started to fail because they cannot find macros, namely the PublishToTableauServer macro.  Does this macro have to be installed on each server in the multi node configuration, or should an UNC path be set the macro?


Any help will be gratefully received.


Thanks, nick

@spainn  There are several ways to do this; but from my personal experience setting up Alteryx Server deployments the best would be:

Set the macros in a network folder that all servers and users have access to. 

Map the UNC path as a custom macro location for Designers (Options->User Settings->Edit User Settings->Macros) so that when they upload their workflow it references a location that the workers already have access to.


if i do this, when installing new macros will they by default install to the UNC location?  How do I move existing macros here?

@spainn  To move existing macros there, just copy and paste into the network folder.

In the future whenever you paste a new macro in that folder, any Designer that has that file path mapped as a custom macro location will automatically see the macro in their toolbar when they open Designer (assuming they are connected to the network).