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StoneBranch Scheduler and Alteryx Workflow


This is my first posting and I apologize if I am posting in the wrong forum but the issue our company is facing is that we have Alteryx workflows on our server and we wish to have they triggered by StoneBranch, a third party scheduling tool.  Has anyone experience with this.  We need specifics on how to do this.  I have gone through the RESTFUL API documents, but that really didn't help us.  Thanks.

I haven't used StoneBranch, but did a little bit of reading up on it.
Seems like it should work similar to the solution proposed in this post:

Thanks.  Researching.


Thanks for the link.  I am very new to Alteryx as is the rest of our team.  I have read the API documentation.  I have been searching for a step by step example, baby steps preferably, that spells out exactly what I would need to do to take a workflow such as "01 Does Something.yxmd" on our Alteryx server, and create a RESTFUL service that can be used by a third party scheduler to run the job.  A good solid tutorial that walks you through step by step, assuming nothing, and is not generic in nature.  Does the workflow need to reside in the gallery for example?


A lot of this just depends on what you have and what you're trying to achieve.
Alteryx is great because there are many ways to do the same thing - not a single one is right or wrong.
To get started down an efficient path though just a couple of questions:
1. What is your server setup? (Single machine/multi-node; on-premises/cloud)
2. What does the workflow do?

We have a single VM server set-up.

*dr. joseph **eagle*