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Running flows on the server and following the datastream like you do in designer

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Hi all,


One of the great thinks about Alteryx designer is that I can press play and view how the data runs through the flow, where I'm losing rows due to incorrect joins, filters etc. I don't see an option to do this on the server however? I can just run the flow and see the final results, not the interrim data. Is that correct? I know you can open it in Alteryx and then run it from there but it's too slow running locally on my machine. I need to run it on the server to have decent speed and then be able to view the interrim results as well. Any ideas?


Hi @PeterPetersen,


Thanks for your question! My recommendation would be to add an output file at each point where you would like to look at the data. When you run a workflow on the server, you are able to view all of the outputs created in the workflow and some of these workflows can just be for validation. 


Another option is to set up your own tests / validations. You can choose to flag an error if your data is not passing your custom checks. The two tools you can use to do this are: the Test tool or the Message tool. 


Let me know how it goes!



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Thanks Amelia! Appreciate it.