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Unable to make final write to D:\WorkerWorkspace\


Hi guys,


We have a process that outputs to an xlsx file, writing to 4 sheets, when it runs locally it works perfectly but while running on the server (alteryx gallery) fails with the error:  "Unable to make final write to D:\WorkerWorkspace\".

We have other similar processes (that are not failing) the only difference is that instead of outputting it 4 times (like the one i'm mentioning and attaching), we just output once and split it into the different sheets by one of the columns.



I've also just tried to change the temporary files location in the Runtime tab but it still fails. I can't understand from where the "server" is reading the D:\ path as I specified G:\.


 Tier Changes Test 8/24/2018  RE-RUN


    The job Tier Changes Test did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:
    • Unable to make final write to D:\WorkerWorkspace\6904_0272139ce2894e1b9b792a0c245caf5e\_externals\1\Tier Changes.xlsx, Error Win32 Error 1175 (Tool Id: 20


Thanks in advance.




I found the solution, sorry , should have done the proper research before asking. Solution:


Using Block Until Done sorted out my issue.