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Running executable on client machine from private gallery


Has anyone been able to run an executable on a client machine from Gallery?


Here's a simple example.  I have a workflow that uses an event at the end to run ldapbrowser.exe.  When run in designer on my machine, the ldap browser program is launched when my work flow completes.  After publishing my workflow to our gallery and running it, the executable doesn't launch on my client machine.  Expected but is there a way to accomplish this task?


Thanks in advance!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

The default configuration of Server will disable Events and certain tools (like Run Command). Speak with your Server administrator and they can change the settings to allow that event to take place.


We have the server configured to run unrestricted.  Here's the error I'm getting from Gallery:


The job Executable_Gallery_Test2 did not complete successfully and resulted in the following errors:

  • Error running Event #1: The external program "\\fsb03\...folder path removed.....\cpan\Softerra\LDAP Browser 4\ldapbrowser.exe" returned an error code: -1073741515: The system could not find the environment option that was entered. (203)
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Cool. That takes care of that. 


I'm not familiar with the LDAP browser, but I would start by browsing your local environmental variables to see what discrepancies might exist between yours and that of the server worker.  


Hi @CharlieS ,


Let's just say, generic executable that has prompts.  The environment variables look to be good.  I'm thinking this is a limitation and may not be possible.  I'll try to outline what's happening as best I can.


1. We have an alteryx work flow that updates a couple excel files in a folder on a network share

2. The workflow completes successfully, updating the files

3. As an event, after the workflow completes, it launches an executable (in the same network share location) that has a couple prompts an end user needs to fill out.  This works when you run the workflow from designer

4. When published to Gallery, while permissions are fine, the executable doesn't launch on the users client machine who is running the workflow.


So when a user is running this work flow from the Gallery, even though it's using their permissions, it doesn't know the client machine they are on and is most likely attempting to launch that execuable on the Gallery's server.  I hope this explains it properly and the more I think about it, the more I think this won't be easily acheivable.  Maybe we need to re-build this executable as an analytical app.