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Error when connecting to MS Access data source


I developed a workflow on my desktop Designer.  It worked fine.  We now need to schedule that workflow, so it has been saved in the gallery, and we have created gallery data sources for all the inputs.  We (admin and myself) are having trouble with all the MS Access inputs.  When we try to configure the MS Access input, we keep getting errors that say File not found ...with a path to the AppData/Local/Temp folder (see screenshot).  Does anyone know what causes this error?  It is not specific to a user.  The data source is set up in the Gallery. This is only a problem since we tried to connect it to the Gallery data source.  On the desktop connected to the database via ODBC, it worked fine. 

alteryx.pnginput config.png

Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @FreeRangeDingo ,


Where is the Access DB stored and does the Server and RunAs Serivce Account have access to this location? The pathing needs to be UNC in order to get this to work properly unless the relative pathing is mapped the same across both the designer and gallery, which can be difficult if their is “user” pathing involved.  Has the Access driver been installed on the Server? The final question I have is are you packaging the connection as an asset? It looks like it is in a packaged location reference. 


The Access database was on a shared drive that is open to the whole company.  The driver was installed on the server.  The file path was UNC.  There was something wrong with the gallery connection though.  Our admin made a change (unfortunately, I don't know what it was), and we were able to get it to run correctly.  It might not have been packaged as an asset.  I don't know what that means to Alteryx, or how to check for it, so I can't say if it was or was not.  Would you tell me what it means to make the connection an asset so I know for future reference please?