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How to setup Worker and Controller from separate subnets/domains


Is it possible to configure a worker/controller environment from separate domains/subnet. 


Example : Alteryx Server is located in a cloud server infrastructure and the worker is located in our office (local subnet on a workstation). 

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Hi @TresAves ,


It is possible to set this up across multiple networks, but it is not best practice because of the potential issues with security breaches and firewalls.  This can be done by setting up proxies and/or opening ports.  The other option is to purchase an actual domain or use the the company’s domain (ex: which will essentially make it an external Server and then you can go from there to ensure communication via the open ports. It will function more like a web server. 


I hope this was helpful. 


Hi @TresAves, To piggy back on @AndrewDataKim comments- This should be OK as long as all of the communication between the two machines is allowed over the firewall(s)/gateways between the two networks, latency between the networks isn't too high, and both domains are part of the same forest (note this may only matter if they are using Windows Authentication).