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Public Gallery


Just wondering how can I set up a public gallery on my Alteryx server?


Also I create an Collection on the Alteryx public gallery and given access to one of my colleagues and only she can see it. I just wanted to make sure that if i upload an workflow to this collection that there no way anyone else can access it unless i give them permission.



Hi @AndrewCrayford


The public gallery is the home page on your Alteryx server. If you share things to your Gallery that will be where everyone can access it. It will be the top option of the share. For example:




And yes, that's correct. A collection is a way to share and control access to assets.


Thanks for that.


Is the collection the only way to control access ?


Collections and private galleries are the way to control access.


You may benefit from reaching out to your account manager and asking about best practices for setting up your server, as this may differ depending on your team(s) and requirements.