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Scheduling and managing other users workflows

Hi All,


First time poster and relative Alteryx Noob so apologies if this isn't the right place to ask but here we go....


I'm a curator on the Alteryx Gallery working within a small function, myself and other users within the function will be publishing workflows to the gallery but we would like the ability to modify each others schedules as required and to run each others workflows from the Gallery.


Appreciate we could do this locally but there may come times when we're working on sensitive projects whereby the local drives won't be accessible to each user however the server account will have access.


Any advice on the topic would be appreciated.






Provided that you have a small group and don't mind sharing curator level access to all of your colleagues, you can all view the Scheduler and modify it from the Gallery. You can log in to the Gallery and click on the "Settings" machine cog icon in the upper right hand corner. Anyone set with Curator permissions on the Gallery will have an option called "admin." From here you can choose "Jobs" in the left hand column and see all jobs, running, scheduled to run, and queued. You can find more information here:




Thanks Paulteryx,


Not sure how i missed that section.


Much appreciated,