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Odbc Generic connection to get the table names using SQL (elastic ODBC connection)

7 - Meteor

I'm trying to get a list of table names from the ODBC Generic host using a DSN connection. (elastic ODBC connection)

I have tried this earlier using the information schema query on SQL with different hosts. But one particular host doesn't have an information schema.


1- I need an SQL query on this DSN ( Odbc Generic host) that allows me to get the table names




2- any other method that gets tables and later uses some other tool to get the table names. 


(I've attached a picture of the connection as well as the error when I tried using the information schema query -but hiding the content)

14 - Magnetar

I would try contacting the IT team responsible for maintaining this database server to see what is the correct configuration under the ODBC manager area in Windows.