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Collection management question

8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


Let say I have an app that takes in user input files to produce an output, that users can download directly on server. The files that user uploads contains confidential data.


Is it safe to move the app to a collection where others can also access it, or should I create a standalone collection for it?


Because the app only takes in the data from user input, it seems to me that it will be safe to move it to the collection because the other users in the collection do not have that data file, and thus will not be able to process the app correctly. 


Is my understanding correct?


Thank you.

5 - Atom

Yes, you are correct. Input files are not saved to the server. It would be okay to include it in a collection.

10 - Fireball

Hi @gjunhao96 , 


Yes, you are correct. This should not cause any problems as long as other users in the collection do not have the input file. 😉



Ariharan R