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Sending .oft (Outlook File Templates) as an email via Email tool?

5 - Atom



I am building a workflow which uses the Email tool and allows users to input the Username and Password from specific email accounts which they want to send from.


My problem here is that the emails to be sent have different layouts, thus the Reporting tools would need to be manually configured every time (thus I am not planning to use that). I am thinking of whether Alteryx's Email tool can make copies of .oft files and send those out directly to the emails in the To field?

Basically, is there a workaround to replace the Body of the Email tool with the .oft template instead (as based on my understanding, the Reporting tool can't be used in the long run with varying formats)?


Thank you.

14 - Magnetar

I am not aware that this is an option. As far as I know, Alteryx cannot edit or save oft files.