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Issue with SAML Configurations

21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris

Dear All


I installed the Alteryx Server(2022.1)on an Azure VM and doing SAML Authentication.

When I click on Verify IDP I am getting Failed to start Authentication service. Check your settings and try again error. 



We followed the instructions on this webpage for Azure configuration.

And installed the certificate on the server. 

In addition, this VM can only connect to the company's internal LAN and is not yet connected to the internet.

What are possible reasons for this error to occur? 

Thank you in advance.

11 - Bolide

Hi @Qiu , 


Can you please update Default gallery administrator details and give a try once.?



Ariharan R


Hi @Qiu - We only support the AD that is present where the server is installed. then your local AD needs to trust both ways your AD Azure. It needs to be the same forest. Chances are your issue because of the different forest.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @Qiu ,


The most common reason is your Alteryx Server box not being able to access the IdP due to no internet connection. 



When you click in the verify IdP button, you are redirected to the IdP URL to put your login information and that should be accessible from the server box.


More about SAML interaction:


KB when you have internet but IdP is not accessible yet:


If after all of these, you get a blank page instead of the login page, try this:


If none of these works, maybe your problem is with your SSL certificate. Try moving to built-in auth and check if the service is starting.


Feel free to reach out directly to me on whatsapp or linkedin if you need help troubleshooting this.



Fernando Vizcaino

21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris

Thank you for your detailed information.

@ArtApa  @Ariharan 
Thank you all for sharing your insight.

We will test based on your advice after new year holidays. and let you the result.

Happy Holidays!

21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris


I am very sorry for taking so long to reply.
Our IT stuff modified the VM settings so that the VM can connect to and, but the verity IDP still gives the same error.
When I switched to Built-in, Alteryx service starts normally and the gallery is connectable.
I wonder what might be the cause of the SAML error.
Finally we selected Integrated Windows authentication with Kerberos, and the service started normally.

Thank you all.