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Handling Versions During API version switchovers

5 - Atom

Hey Alteryx Community Friends!


We've some API functionality in place which uses the GET /admin/v1/{appId}/package endpoint as part of a deployment process. In testing some updates, a user published versions 2, 3, 4 and so on of their analytic app and subsequently we used the POST /v3/workflows/{workflowId}/versions endpoint to automatically deploy the new versions. We found, however, that while we thought we were posting versions 2, 3 and so on we were actually just publishing version 1 over and over and over. As the GET package API only appears to accept an application ID and has no configuration information for further designating a version, how can we procure the correct package for our deployment? 

I've scoured every keyword combination I can think of and I'm hoping someone will be able to say "hey silly your answer is right here" whether that answer is "nope can't do that" or a "how to". Any definitive response is much appreciated!! Thanks


ADDING: We're on server version 2021.4

14 - Magnetar

It seems that you are facing the same issue as described on this post. This is a know bug.