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Get output files on server

5 - Atom

Hello, i want to know how can i provide output files to be downloaded from alteryx gallery. As of now output is going to the shared drive but we want output files on the server itself

10 - Fireball

Hi @Analyst_12345 , 


I hope the below link will helpful for you. 






16 - Nebula

@Analyst_12345 when you go to save your workflow to the gallery, ensure that in manage workflow assets, you have the (OUTPUT) you want ticked. This way, the workflow will package the output as an asset and publish it to the externals folder. When this is run on server you’ll be given the ability to choose the output file type and download it.


Hi @Analyst_12345 


You can utilize a Render tool within the reporting category. This will generate a preview of the output within the gallery when running the workflow.


From here, you will be able to download an excel file as a file format if you'd like to download the excel file directly. 



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