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Gallery Data connections not visible to the users

Alteryx Partner

Recently we have set up Alteryx Server. The requirement is to create a data connection on gallery and share the connection to different users, so that they can use same connection on designer and publish it to gallery (so there is no need to change the data connections every time they want to publish).
On Admin gallery I have created a data connection (Oracle) and shared the data connection to different users. But the issue is they are not able to view any connections on Saved data connection, but i can view the data connection if i am trying to connect through my Designer. I am the curator on gallery and other users are Artisans.

Could you please suggest if I am missing something or if there is any other way to achieve the above requirement.




@saiarunbandhakavi Have the users added the gallery in their designers (Open Workflow >> add a Gallery)? If they've added a gallery, do they have they have a galleryalias.xml file on their machines?


Those would be the first 2 things I would check. Hopefully #1 solves it.

Alteryx Partner

The users have added the gallery in their designer. But the user does not have galleryalias.xml on their machine

@saiarunbandhakavi So that file gets generated/refreshed everytime someone opens a new instance of alteryx. You can manually generate/refresh the file by going to options >> advanced >> manage data connections; however, It looks like something funny might be going on. It seems odd that they would be able to add the gallery and open a workflow from the gallery, but the data for the data connections isn't properly being passed to their machines. You may have to reach out to if that's the case.


The only other thing I can think of is to make sure that you see some sort of symbol (like the curator or artisan symbol) at the far right on your data connections screen where you can add users. I've accidentally added permissions to the studio (no symbol) instead of the users (symbol like below):



@saiarunbandhakavi did you solve this? 

@patrick_digan the user indicated they didn't see the XML? You don't address this in your response? 

on my end this was solved by having our admin go in, remove and re-add the connections.