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Newly Published workflows are not visible in My Workspace on Alteryx Gallery

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We have recently migrated our Alteryx Server embedded mongo into a user managed mongo db. User Managed Mongo DB is replica set with 3 mongod's. Our users started seeing issue with new published workflows. They are not visible under their "My Workspace" page after opening gallery url. User has to either click View in Browser option in Designer or go to results tab in gallery to located the workflow.


We are using Alteryx Server 2023.1 version and User-Managed MongoDB is on 6.0.14.


When we had such issues before(prior to 2023.1), we'd run the reindexing command/wf. But, AlteryxGallery_Lucene collection has become obsolete starting 2023.1. Any help with this is much appreciated. 

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17 - Castor



Maybe you got that fixed already but this is usually caused by a MongoDB lock.


The issue in this link is not the same as yours, but the solution shows how to safely remove locks.



Fernando Vizciano

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Hello Fernardo,


it was due to locks collection under AlteryxGallery schema. We had to remove one of the entries which seemed to have caused the issue.Thank you