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Event emails not being sent by scheduler on server

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I have scheduled my workflow on Alteryx Gallery and the workflow uses 2 events  - Send an email "After Run with Errors" and Send an email "After run without errors". The mails have multiple receivers and are being sent out from a group mailbox.The mails are being received if I run the workflow manually on Designer or on Gallery but not received when I schedule my workflow on Gallery. I have saved these events before scheduling my workflow. Also, the output log of the workflow says mails were sent. Eg : Completed event : After run without errors : Email to (receiver 1 id), (receiver 2 id)


Could you please help?

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16 - Nebula

Are your Gallery SMTP Config set up correctly (see below you can click Test to check)?


If yes, then it might be going to spam.  I used to have the "From email" be "alteryxautoemail@noreply.com".  But my company's server saw "@noreply.com" as spam and sent it to spam folders.  So I changed it to "noreply_alteryx@[mycompanysname].com" where the server will think it's an internal email.


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11 - Bolide

Hi @ndabas - 


What version are you running?  There was a build about a year ago that had a soft failure at email send time, which was awful because things were breaking and we didn't know.  It was a 2019.# build somewhere.  I do not know my emails would fire after a manual gallery run in that build of not, we went backwards pretty fast, but check that to see. 


Good luck!