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Error in editing: The user account you are attempting to publish as is not an artisan.

Alteryx Certified Partner



Im receiving :

The user account you are attempting to publish as is not an artisan.



We have our Alteryx Gallery, but we want to share workflows. 

I have published some workflows and I need to configure gallery, that my colleagues can EDIT those workflows?

How can this be done?


I have created collection and published workflow and add it to collection.

I have created another user and made him member artiasan for my subscription/private gallery.

I have also added him to collection users as a collection admin.


He can now see the workflows and run them, but he can EDIT!



please help me.

What is the correct configuration for this sharing? (i just need shared collection so we can both can edit workflows)




Hi @Martin_Bosak,


Could you please check if the subscription has type "Paid" and and expiration date set in the distant future?


Kind regards,


Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer


Alteryx Certified Partner

This works fine, thanks a lot Paul.