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Error : PI_PushAllRecords when using "Allocate Input" tool on server

5 - Atom

I seem to be running into this error just within the last few days trying to run a specific workflow using the "Allocate Input" tool.


The workflow does not complete on the server and errors out. I can run it in Designer with no errors whatsoever. 


When I go to save on our company gallery it also errors out and does not validate the workflow. 


For reference Tool 8 and Tool 31 are both allocate input tools.







Any help on this?


Hello @trocha,


It sounds like there may be an issue with the data installation on the Server machine. I would recommend checking in with your Server administrator to see if the data is installed correctly. 


The other possibility is that you are using a particular vintage. I would recommend always using 'most recent vintage'.

Stephen Ruhl
Customer Support Engineer