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Crew Macros Do Not Run In Gallery

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My Crew Macro file runs well directly on my machine and the server computer. However, when I use the Gallery schedule to run the same program, the program spits out a successful-run message very quickly without actually going through and update my data. There is no error on the log either. 


My non-crew macro files are running fine in the gallery and there is another crew-macro file runs fine in the gallery as well but by a different author. My program ran well until two weeks ago, and I don't think there was any change on the server or my computer. How can I solve this issue?



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Hey @dzhu002


You need to ensure that the macro is ticked in the "manage assets" option when you publish the workflow.


Here's a handy video that @MarqueeCrew made!




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Thanks @LordNeilLord, but this way did not work. The Gallery still spits out the successful message without actually doing anything. I have attached a screen shot where I checked all the available options in the assets list. 

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Hey @dzhu002

This sounds like something is wrong with the workflow rather than the macro error.

Can you make another test workflow to rule out a macro issue? If this works then it's a workflow issue

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Hi @LordNeilLord, this is not a workflow issue. The work flow runs fine locally on my machine and directly on the server computer. It just cannot run through gallery. My colleague has the same problem too. Both our workflows worked on Gallery upon 2 weeks ago. 

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Hi Neil, I have 2 workflows wherein in second workflow creates an excel output and both these workflows are executed sequentially using a combination of Crew Runner and Crew conditional runner.


However when this sequential workflow with Crew macros are published and executed in gallery, the excel output is not generated.


Appreciate if you can provide any solution.



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@dzhu002 , @Mahadeva I think you are falling into a trap unique to Gallery.  some tools and functions are disabled/prohibited on public gallery and it is not clear if you are referring to a private or public gallery...

  • Run Command Tool
  • Email Tool
  • Run Command Event
  • Send Email Event
  • R Tool
  • Download Tool

That said the CReW macro to run another flow or command may be disabled in any gallery if the parent flow is an App.  


Another weakness of the Gallery is that Apps can't chain and flows can't fire other flows in before or after events.  


The CReW macro has an embedded Run Command Tool and in essence doing what Gallery blocks in these Alteryx provided tools/features. so I am pretty sure you are stuck trying to do it in Gallery.


I will post in Ideas to have Gallery support Chaining for Apps and events / run command tool spawning. maybe you will go find it and give it a star. 

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Hi Harper,


Thanks for the reply.


Please find below details.


- We are hosting in private gallery that is part of our Alteryx server.

- Both of my workflows are standard workflows and not Analytic App (no interface tools used). The Inputs/Outputs of workflows are flat files or DB.


Appreciate if you can highlight the features/components of Alteryx that are not compatible with Private Gallery and Scheduler.



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One thing you can do to further isolate what is or is not happening is to make sure you have the "Show ALL Macro messages" in the Runtime options of the flows If you have not already done so.  If you are not aware the default is to not show messages from macros except Error or "High" level messages.  Checking this option will cause the output log to capture all messages so you can see files and how many rows read or written etc.


It may be what I was suspecting and the flow is not actually running the macro or it may be something else like the flow is running but for some reason not doing as expected.  


Go look at the output log after running it the same way in and out of the Gallery.  See if that macro generated messages and if so see if they are what you get if run outside the gallery when you say it works.


If no messages then it was disabled by Gallery most likely.  If messages look to see what is different.  if there are warnings or errors in the Gallery run log that will help you determine root cause and corrective action.  


The only other thing off the top of my head would be permissions issue.  Many if not most set up their gallery to run flows using a single set of credentials, typically a service account, and maybe that account does not have access to one or more resources needed by the macro like a folder where a file is.  


Do you have a single account set to run flows in your studio or is it always using a "Run As" or does it always ask for credentials of the person running the flow.  each is an option for how to run flows in Gallery and that could be a source of why it runs one way in Gallery and another out of it.


Also make sure no file referenced is on a local drive...often people build a flow on their desktop and read or write to a location on their own hard drive, on their laptop, then publish to gallery and it no longer works because the gallery credentials don't have access to the local drive...same kind of issue as above but it is a specific example of a common occurrence.