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Can't Add Workflows to Collections After Upgrade To 2022.1.1.40869

7 - Meteor



After Alteryx Server upgrade to version 2022.1.1.40869, I can't seem to add workflows to collections, and have found no efficient way of sharing workflows to non-Artisan users. The only way I've found is making the workflow public, but is not practical in this case as the intention is to share with a select group of people.


Within the collection, I do have permission to add assets, and I have uploaded assets to "My Workspace" but these do not appear as options when trying to add to a Collection.


Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Is there a solution on my end?




14 - Magnetar

If you do have workflows available to be added to the collection and they are not showing up, this seem like a bug. I'd encourage you to contact support. 

11 - Bolide

From my experience, a list of available workflows does not populate.  You actually need to start typing the name of the relevant workflow(s) for them to appear in this window.

10 - Fireball

Hi @lecorrea09 ,


This issue happened due to broken indexes on the Alteryx Gallery.


You can do the following steps to resolve the issue:


  • Backup mongoDB
  • Check the following table=> commandQueueItems in mongoDB - it should be empty
  • Execute the reindex workflow

Note: Please cross verify your Server Runas account once. In somecases after upgrade the RunAs account will automatically changed to Local authentication.



Ariharan R